Human Resource

The Company has the following Organizational Structure to effectively manage its operations to serve her clients to at most satisfaction taking into consideration accountability to stakeholders. Richard Cliff Masagazi, the Founder and Managing Director has successfully steered Pearl Seeds Ltd from genesis to its growth into a leading seed house. Mr. Masagazi has played a leadership role in harmonizing seed policies and laws in East Africa and continues to advocate and lobby for a policy environment conducive to SME growth and a robust seed sector in both international forum and with national policy makers.

Supported by a professional team, they have put in place the critical success factors for an African Seed company. The company was incorporated in April 2009 and became operational in January 2010. The company’s operational staff structure has a Managing Director with a management team composed of General Manager, Extension Manager, Production Manager, Marketing Manager, Finance Manager, Operations Manager, Human Resource Manager and an Internal Auditor.